The Aleutia E1 8W Imprimir

Se trata de una de las compañías de hardware tal vez más concienciadas con la reducción de consumo. Comercializa unos equipos de muy bajo consumo alimentados con energía solar y equipados con software libre. Por estas tres razones me ha resultado interesante esta información que transcribo de su página web:

Se distribuyen en Reino Unido y también a nivel internacional.

E1 Hardware Details

  • Processor: 200MHz x86 CPU, Memory: 128MB SDRAM, Storage: 2GB (included Compact Flash card), Power Supply (US, UK, or EU).
  • 3 x USB 2.0 ports (12Mbps transfer rate), 1 x 10/100 Ethernet port, VGA port to connect LCD display (supports resolutions up to 1280x1024)
  • Power consumption of 8W with CPU and SDRAM running at full speed. With external devices (USB 2.0 CD Rewriter, USB-powered hard drive) power consumption rises to 11W.
  • Dimensions: 11.5cm (Width) x 11.5cm (Lenght) x 3.5cm (Height)

E1 Software Specifics

  • Puppy Linux Operating System (version 2.14) - similar in appearance to MS Windows, stable, and pre-installed.
  • Excel-compatible spreadsheet software (Gnumeric), Word-compatible word processor (Abiword)

What's in the Box?

  • The Aleutia E1 workstation, 2.0 GB Industrial CF Card, USB travel mouse, waterproof, rollable keyboard, user manual.
  • 3 Year Email Support, 30 Day Return Policy.
  • Price: £179

Ultra-Portable Office in a FedEx Box

  • E1 Workstation package (see above)
  • 8" LCD TV (XGA 640x480 resolution) with VGA-input and remote | 1 kg | 12W Power Consumption
  • Brunton 26W Waterproof Foldable Solar Panel, folds to A4 size, includes mobile phone adapter for trickle-charging | 500g
  • 72Wh Li-ion Battery Pack, Case, DC-AC converter, can charge standard laptop, mobile phones, iPod | 1kg
  • 3 Year Email Support, 1 Year Telephone Support 30 Day Return Policy
  • Price: £499 | Total Weight 3kgs | Fits in Laptop Bag

Semi-Portable Office in a Box

  • E1 Workstation package
  • 10.4" LCD TV (SVGA 800x600 resolution) with VGA-input and remote | 2 kg | 10W Power Consumption
  • Roof-mount solar panel, 3.4kgs
  • 240Wh Lead Acid 12V Battery, DC-AC converter | 7 kgs
  • 3 Year Email Support, 1 Year Telephone Support 30 Day Return Policy
  • Price: £389 | Total Weight 13 kgs
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